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Twitter finally agrees that 1x is not the only speed for watching a video

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Twitter is testing playback speed options on the web and Android

You’ll be able to watch videos faster or slower than normal.
Image: Twitter

Twitter is testing video playback speed options on Android and the web, the company announced Tuesday. Finally! I am one of those sickos that cranks up the playback speed on every YouTube video and podcast to 1.5x or 2x speed, and I’ve been waiting for years for the ability to do so on Twitter.

For those that are in the test, it appears that you’ll see a little gear when watching a video that you can click or tap on to access the different speed options. Based on Twitter’s announcement tweet, it looks like you can watch a video at as slow as 0.25x speed or as fast as 2x.

According to Twitter spokesperson Joseph Nuñez, users will be able to pick your playback speed on “Tweet Videos, Amplify Videos, Voice Tweets, videos in DMs, and Video Live Replays, depending on their platform.” Nuñez also said that Twitter plans to expand the test to iOS in the future.

Unfortunately for me, I might have to wait just a bit longer to try the feature out. I don’t appear to have access to the test yet on the web, and I can’t access it on mobile since I have an iPhone, so it seems I’ll be stuck in 1x hell for the foreseeable future.

Update February 8th, 7:19PM ET: Added statement from Twitter.