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PlayStation 5 consoles are available at Target for store pick-up orders (update: sold out)

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Availability and inventory levels are dependent on your location

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Update 8:12AM ET, March 10th: Both the regular PlayStation 5 and Digital Edition have sold out on Target’s site. There is one more confirmed chance to get a PS5 this week at GameStop’s in-store restock happening tomorrow.

Update 8:02AM ET, March 10th: Target has sold out of regular PlayStation 5 consoles for now, in what was one of the smallest and most fleeting restocks we’ve seen of late. However, you may have another chance soon, as the $399.99 PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is up for sale now.

The frequency of new console restocks has been on the downturn but they are still trickling in. If you’re ok with paying a little more and getting a bundle you consistently have more opportunities, though the most sought-after option is a standalone console for its proper price and the most sought-after console still seems to be the PlayStation 5.

Target has another round of PS5 orders opening up this morning for the standard $499.99 disc drive-equipped PlayStation 5. The listing has once again gone live on Target’s website, which indicates that availability should be opening up about now. Target only does store pick-up orders through its website and mobile app for these consoles, so in addition to testing your reflexes on that Add to Cart button you also have to hope that your nearby stores are the ones graced with plentiful stock.

To give yourself the best chances, be sure to log in to your Target account beforehand with your shipping and billing info pre-filled. You also want to choose your nearest Target as your favorite store, which will prioritize that location once you can place an order.

Hopefully you have some good fortune this time around, and feel free to sound off in the comments if you are able to snag one. Whether you have a PS5 or not, if you subscribe to our Verge Deals newsletter you can get curated deals from The Verge straight to your inbox.

Some key accessories for new PS5 owners

Sony Pulse 3D headset

  • $99

Sony’s Pulse 3D wireless gaming headset is worth the roughly $100 price tag if you want a wireless model that allows the audio to shine in select PS5 exclusives. It sounds fantastic with titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls, as well as more recent hits like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Like the console, this headset has been a little tough to find, but it’s coming back in stock more frequently these days. Sony also released a midnight black version of the headset for $100, however, it’s slightly more difficult to find in stock.