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RiffTrax: The Game tasks you with rewriting the worst B-movie scenes

RiffTrax: The Game tasks you with rewriting the worst B-movie scenes


A new party game from the developers behind What The Dub?!

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Rifftrax: The Game is a new party game that’s all about creating the most crowd-pleasing text-to-voice dub to overlay B-movie footage. It’s launching for the current and previous generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch, and on Steam (for PC and macOS) for $9.99 on May 5th. This game was made in collaboration with RiffTrax, a group of expert B-movie commentators consisting of former Mystery Science Theater 3000 stars Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy.

It was developed by Wide Right Interactive, and similar to its previous game, What The Dub?!, the goal is to create the most ridiculous and clever dubs for each clip so that other players can vote on which they like best. A big part of the fun is players vote without knowing who wrote each entry, leading to a lot of “oh, you’re funnier (or, perhaps, more risqué) than I thought you were!” moments. In other words, you’ll get to know whoever you’re playing with very quickly.

The game features 250 movie clips that may be well-known to fans of Rifftrax. And you can add your humorous dubs to them in-game in one of two ways. Either generate it from scratch, if you can think cleverly on your toes, or pick from jokes made by the RiffTrax team.

Rifftrax: The Game supports six players for head-to-head gameplay. And if you have more participants than controllers, people can join your game via a unique room code at the Rifftrax: The Game website, similar to how What The Dub?! handles multiplayer. It also supports crossplay and voice chat.

Additionally, the game supports Twitch stream integration, letting the audience cast votes. The game apparently comes with “moderation, privacy, and content tools” to ensure that your stream remains “problem-free.”

I played What The Dub?! a few times before the pandemic began, and it was an excellent way to get everyone involved in a single activity. This essentially seems like more of that and for a nominal $9.99 price. It might be a little better, too, given that having the RiffTrax team’s jokes built-in should make it an easier game to play for those who aren’t so fast at the draw with jokes of their own. If you’re looking for your next party game, this might be it.