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The Flight Attendant’s season 2 trailer promises a turbulent spycraft turn

The Flight Attendant’s season 2 trailer promises a turbulent spycraft turn


Season 2 hits HBO Max this April

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Though Kaley Cuoco’s Cassie Bowden was still a mess by the end of The Flight Attendant’s first season when she’d become one of the top suspects in a high-profile murder, she had made a more than respectable amount of progress towards getting her life together on all fronts. In addition to helping find the real killer, Cassie also resolved to finally get sober after years of struggling with alcoholism, and it all seemed very much like things might be looking up for the well-meaning flight attendant.

That may still be the case on some level, but in the first trailer for The Flight Attendant’s second season, Cassie once again finds herself smack dab in the middle of another convoluted set of circumstances despite all the work she’s put into getting her life back on track. Between moving to California, dating a new guy, and attending addiction recovery meetings, Cassie’s day-to-day all appears quite normal from a distance. But in addition to continuing her job as a flight attendant, Cassie also seems to have become some sort of part-time, contracted spy or special agent for the government specifically because of her connection to last season’s investigation. When Cassie isn’t serving drinks in the sky, she’s on the ground snapping covert photos of targets she’s been sent to follow or working at a hotel somewhere in Germany and occasionally running away from explosions.

For all the wildness that she’s gotten into, Cassie’s able to roll with most of it impressively. But it’s all the exact sort of stress that’s pushed her to drink in the past, something Cassie’s likely going to have to have a long conversation with herself about when The Flight Attendant’s second season hits HBO Max on April 21st.