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Samsung announces its first QD-OLED TV, shares pricing for 2022 lineup

Samsung announces its first QD-OLED TV, shares pricing for 2022 lineup


Don’t sleep on the Neo QLED 4K TVs or The Frame

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Image: Samsung

We’re getting closer to seeing all the new TVs announced back at CES start making their way to consumers. Today, Samsung announced that it’s officially taking preorders for its sizable 2022 lineup. And for the first time, the company is sharing the full details and pricing on its long-rumored, semi-announced QD-OLED consumer TV, which is now officially called the S95B.

The S95B is a 4K QD-OLED set that will come in two sizes: the 55-inch model runs $2,199.99, and the 65-inch model costs $2,999.99. (Amazon is already offering discounts on both sizes.) Those are significantly higher prices than you’d pay for a standard LG OLED, but Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panel should deliver superior color accuracy at high brightness levels, even better viewing angles than regular OLED, and wider color reproduction. Sony has also announced its own TVs using the Samsung QD-OLED display.

Samsung’s S95B features a QD-OLED panel from Samsung Display.
Samsung’s S95B features a QD-OLED panel from Samsung Display.

Samsung’s OLED features the same Neural Quantum Processor 4K as its other 2022 flagships, the same Tizen software, and high-end Q-Symphony sound with Dolby Atmos. The company also mentions “an OLED brightness booster and perceptional color mapping to deliver brighter, more accurate highlights and the most realistic, lifelike colors.”

As for the rest of its lineup, Samsung is refreshing its Neo QLED 8K and 4K Mini LED TVs this year with software enhancements and support for variable refresh rates up to 144Hz, 14-bit processing, and an improved anti-reflective layer. The 4K Mini LED sets are probably the recommendation I’d give most people that want a Samsung TV. If there’s one downside, it’s that Samsung continues to ignore Dolby Vision.

The 2022 Frame TV switches to a matte display.
The 2022 Frame TV switches to a matte display.
Image: Samsung

Perhaps the latest Samsung TV that I’m most curious about is the 2022 edition of The Frame. The new Frame switches to a matte finish on the screen, with Samsung promising “virtually no reflections” as a result of the change. That should make a very noticeable difference when the TV is showing artwork when idle, and hopefully, The Frame will come even closer to looking like art decor when you’re not streaming anything. My main question is whether the matte finish will detract from the TV’s video quality. The 2022 Frame comes in sizes ranging from 43 to 75 inches and starts at $999.99. Samsung says 32-, 55- and 85-inch sizes will also be available “soon.”

Most of Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup will begin shipping in April, with the exception of the QN95B, which goes up for preorder on May 23rd.

Here’s the full rundown on sizes and pricing:

Neo QLED 8K 

QN800B - available for pre-order now 

·         65” QN800B - $3,499.99 

·         75” QN800B - $4,699.99 

·         85” QN800B - $6,499.99 

QN900B - available for pre-order on 3/21 

·         65” QN900B 

·         75” QN900B 

·         85” QN900B

Neo QLED 4K  

QN85B - available now 

·         55” QN85B - $1,499.99 

·         65” QN85B - $1,999.99 

·         75” QN85B - $2,799.99 

·         85” QN85B - $3,999.99 

QN90B - available now 

·         50” QN90B - $1,599.99 

·         55” QN90B - $1,899.99 

·         65” QN90B - $2,599.99 

·         75” QN90B - $3,499.99 

·         85” QN90B - $4,999.99 

QN95B - available for pre-order on 5/23 

·         Size and price - TBD 


Available for pre-order now 

·         55” S95B OLED – $2,199.99 

·         65” S95B OLED - $2,999.99 

The Frame (2022)  

Available for pre-order now (32”, 55” and 85” sizes available soon) 

·         43” The Frame - $999.99 

·         50” The Frame - $1,299.99 

·         65” The Frame - $1,999.99 

·         75” The Frame - $2,999.99 

Correction, March 18th 9:45AM ET: Samsung has informed us that the pricing it originally shared for the OLED models was incorrect. Our article has been adjusted accordingly, with the 55-inch S95B now listed as $2,199.99 instead of $2,399.99 and the 65-inch now $2,999.99. instead of $3,499.99.