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Netflix’s Lupin and The Crown sets both reportedly hit by master thieves

Netflix’s Lupin and The Crown sets both reportedly hit by master thieves


Thieves stole equipment, props, and replicas

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Omar Sy as Assane Diop in season 2 of Netflix’s Lupin and Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II in season 5 of Netflix’s The Crown.

Though Netflix was likely on higher alert than usual after the set of its series The Crown was recently robbed to the tune of $200,000 in antiques and props, Lupin, another one of the streaming platform’s shows, was similarly — albeit more ironically — hit by thieves the very next day.

Variety reports that production on the third season of Netflix’s Lupin, the series inspired by author Maurice Leblanc’s fictional master thief Arsène Lupin, has resumed after halting last week following an on-set robbery in the city of Nanterre where the series has been shooting. Though no members of the cast or crew were hurt when some 20 or so individuals reportedly hurled fireworks onto the set, the thieves were able to make off with about $333,000 worth of equipment.

Compared to the Lupin robbery, The Crown’s thieves opted for the less extravagant route by breaking into three parked cars and stealing, amongst other things, a replica Fabergé egg, multiple candelabras made from gold and silver, and multiple pieces of glassware — none of which were “necessarily in the best condition,” according to The Crown’s set decorator, Alison Harvey.

Lupin’s third season does not yet have a firm release date, and The Crown’s fifth season is slated to premiere sometime this November.