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Fortnite has already raised $36 million for Ukraine relief

Fortnite has already raised $36 million for Ukraine relief


Epic Games will be donating proceeds from the game until April 3rd

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On Sunday, Epic Games released a new season of Fortnite and, with it, a promise that for two weeks, all of its proceeds from the game would go towards humanitarian relief for Ukraine. One day later, the developer revealed that it has already raised $36 million as part of the effort. The money is being donated to a handful of different aid groups, including Direct Relief, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and the World Food Programme. Epic says that Xbox is also donating its net proceeds from the game during the same period.

The launch of a new Fortnite season is likely one of the most lucrative periods for the game, with players buying into the new battle pass in order to get exclusive characters and other in-game content. This season, called “Resistance,” features a big shift with the removal of building, alongside the notable addition of Doctor Strange and other characters.

Other gaming companies have similarly been raising funds for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. A huge bundle of nearly 1,000 games on raised more than $6 million, while Humble Bundle is currently raising funds through a bundle that has raised more than $12 million. Epic’s Fortnite fundraising efforts will run until April 3rd.