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Nintendo finally adds folders to the Switch, kind of

Nintendo finally adds folders to the Switch, kind of


Groups, but not for your home screen

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Nintendo has added a new folder-style feature to the Switch’s UI, more than five years after the console was first released. It’s included as part of system firmware version 14.0, which is available to download now.

This being Nintendo, the system doesn’t work exactly like you might expect. It’s called “groups” and doesn’t allow you to place anything on the home screen — instead, you have to scroll all the way to the right to get to the vertical list of all your software and press L. That lets you access or create groups of various games. Nintendo has posted a guide to using the feature here.

It won’t do all that much to help you organize your home screen or full list of games, then. I already have a big enough Switch library that it was easiest for me to keep that list in alphabetical order and find what I wanted to play that way. But the groups feature could still be useful for self-curation. I have a bunch of games from the Sega Ages and Arcade Archives series of retro re-releases, for example (shout out to Virtua Racing), and with Switch groups it’s easy to place them into custom collections.

Version 14.0 of the Switch’s firmware also includes tweaks to the system’s Bluetooth audio feature, which was added in version 13.0. Nintendo says you can now adjust the volume of Bluetooth headphones or speakers using either the Switch itself or with buttons on the Bluetooth device, which apparently wasn’t possible before. The Switch will now display the audio volume in accordance with button presses on the Bluetooth device, and maximum volume output for some devices has also been increased.