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Netflix’s Pacific Rim anime wraps up in April

Netflix’s Pacific Rim anime wraps up in April


Season 2 of The Black debuts on April 19th

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Last year, Netflix debuted an anime spinoff set in the mech-vs.-kaiju world of Pacific Rim, and next month, the series will be coming to an end. The second and final season of Pacific Rim: The Black is coming to the streaming service on April 19th and is described as the “epic conclusion” for the story.

The Black follows a pair of twins in Australia who end up utilizing a training Jaeger — those gigantic mechs from the live-action films — to fight monsters and seek the relative safety of Sydney. In an interview with The Verge last year, supervising director Hiroyuki Hayashi explained that one of the goals of the show was to show the impact of the kaiju invasion from a different perspective.

“The people in Pacific Rim: The Black are survivors who have been abandoned by the magic of advanced technology,” he said. “If anything, they are depicted to have a technology level closer to what we have today, except for the Jaeger technology.”

Season 2 will continue the story, which involves everything from human / kaiju hybrids to a monster-obsessed cult. In the meantime, you can get a brief taste in the teaser images below.