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Ikea’s new Vappeby Bluetooth lamp speaker has Spotify Tap support

Ikea’s new Vappeby Bluetooth lamp speaker has Spotify Tap support


The first speaker with Spotify Tap

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Ikea’s forays into connected audio continue with its new $65 Vappeby Bluetooth speaker lamp, which resembles a futuristic-looking lantern and is the first speaker to feature Spotify Tap (which had previously only been available on a variety of headphones) for one-touch access to the streaming music service.

The Vappeby actually seems purpose-built to replace a camp lantern: it has a rechargeable battery, an integrated LED light, and IP65 resistance (enough for toughing it out in the occasional rainstorm, although definitely not for a dip in a pool). It even comes with a USB-C cable to charge it, although it doesn’t include a wall brick.

The most novel addition is support for Spotify Tap, which is making its Bluetooth speaker debut. Once you’ve set up Tap in the Spotify app, tapping (get it?) the power button on the Vappeby will automatically pick up Spotify playback from wherever you left off. Tapping it again will skip to a recommendation from Spotify’s algorithm based on your listening habits.

Otherwise, though, the Vappeby doesn’t offer much in the way of smart features. The light is just a regular light, with no smart home integration with either Ikea’s Trådfri platform or the broader Google / Apple / Amazon smart home systems. Spotify integration aside, the speaker is just a regular Bluetooth speaker, with no option to double as a power bank or any fancy pairing or Sonos integrations.

The Ikea Vappeby is available in blue and gray color schemes from Ikea’s website for $64.99