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Microsoft is finally making it easier to switch default browsers in Windows 11

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It’s a one-click process now

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is finally making it easier to change your default browser in Windows 11. A new update (KB5011563) has started rolling out this week that allows Windows 11 users to change a default browser with a single click. After testing the changes in December, this new one-click method is rolling out to all Windows 11 users.

Originally, Windows 11 shipped without a simple button to switch default browsers that was always available in Windows 10. Instead, Microsoft forced Windows 11 users to change individual file extensions or protocol handlers for HTTP, HTTPS, .HTML, and .HTM, or you had to tick a checkbox that only appeared when you clicked a link from outside a browser. Microsoft defended its decision to make switching defaults harder, but rival browser makers like Mozilla, Brave, and even Google’s head of Chrome criticized Microsoft’s approach.

Windows 11 now has a button to change default browsers.
Image: Tom Warren / The Verge

In the latest update to Windows 11, you can now head into the default apps section, search for your browser of choice, and then a button appears asking if you’d like to make it the default. All of the work of changing file handlers is done in a single click, making this a big improvement over what existed before.

Microsoft has clearly listened to the feedback and criticism over the changes it made here in Windows 11. The software maker continues to improve Windows 11 monthly, with updates like this or bigger changes like Android apps and improvements to the taskbar. Microsoft is now planning to detail bigger changes to Windows 11 for hybrid work at an event on April 5th.