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Xbox won’t stop you sharing clips to Twitter from your console after all

Looks like you won’t be forced to use your phone after all

“Don’t talk to me or my son ever again.”
Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Microsoft’s latest Xbox beta software reverses a potentially controversial change to how the console shares gameplay captures to Twitter. Rather than having to use a phone to post content to the social media network, as a previous Xbox Insider build forced users to do, the update restores the ability to share it directly from the console. The change was confirmed by Microsoft’s Brad Rossetti on Twitter.

Being able to use your phone to share gameplay from the Xbox is a useful feature, and is handy if you want to quickly type out a tweet to accompany your latest clip. But it’s nice to also have the option to share it directly from the console itself, for those times when you might not have your phone to hand. Thankfully, Microsoft’s controversial change never left beta.

This more flexible approach has been embraced by both Sony and even Nintendo. Sony’s approach involves automatically uploading PS5 screenshots and videos to its companion mobile app. Meanwhile Nintendo shows a QR code on the console, which you can scan with your phone to get your captures. But, importantly, both let you skip these processes entirely and post to Twitter directly from their consoles, if you so choose.