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Vergecast: Apple ‘Peek Performance’ event preview, Ford splits itself in two, and Russia starts a star war

In space, no one can hear you tweet

ULA’s Atlas V rocket flies on Russia’s RD-180 engine. Image: ULA

Every Friday, The Verge publishes our flagship podcast, The Vergecast, where co-hosts Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn discuss the week in tech news with the reporters and editors covering the biggest stories.

There is an Apple event next week, so Dan Seifert comes on to talk about what we can expect. He thinks there will be some new hardware but isn’t completely sold that we will see anything with a new design.

Loren Grush comes on to talk about the conflict in Ukraine and how it’s affecting space flight. She also gives Elon and SpaceX the appropriate credit for delivering Starlink to Ukraine after a tweet requesting it.

And there was a Rivian debacle this week, so Andrew Hawkins comes on to tell us about how vehicle pricing went up by as much as $20,000 for some customers who preordered — and then how it was walked back. He also explains why Ford is splitting itself in half.

You can listen here or in your preferred podcast player for the full discussion.

Stories discussed in this episode

And here is our second episode where Nilay Patel and Walt Mossberg say goodbye to Dieter Bohn.