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Russian Doll’s second season hits Netflix on April 20th

Russian Doll’s second season hits Netflix on April 20th


Season 2 — what a concept

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Whatever plans you had for this year’s 4/20 are now probably going to involve the return of Netflix’s Russian Doll for its second season.

There’s a lot going on in the teaser trailer / announcement video for Russian Doll’s second season Netflix dropped this afternoon, but it’s difficult to tease out what’s going on aside from the fact that the universe is apparently back to fucking with Natasha Lyonne’s Nadia Vulvokov.

Though it seemed as if Nadia broke free from her Groundhog Day-style hell by the previous season’s finale, the new teaser strongly suggests that there’s more metaphysical mishigas afoot for her and Charlie Barnett’s Alan Zaveri. Mysterious and light on details as the new teaser is, it makes two things pretty clear about Russian Doll’s second season: it’s going to have something to do with NYC’s subway system, and it’s going to be hitting Netflix on April 20th.