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Apple’s Studio Display actually comes with a stand

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A height-adjustable stand is available for $400 more

Apple has just announced its new Studio Display, a 27-inch 5K Retina display with a built-in webcam. While it isn’t quite as high-end as Apple’s Pro Display XDR, the Studio Display has one big advantage over it: for the $1,599 you’ll pay for the monitor, you’ll also get an included stand.

The lack of a stand was one of the biggest criticisms of Apple’s $4,999 (starting price) 6K Pro Display XDR when it was announced in 2019 — and perhaps more outrageous was that Apple’s official stand accessory cost an eye-watering $999. Fortunately, Apple isn’t forcing you to pay that kind of premium to be able to stand the Studio Display on your desk.

That said, the base-level stand with the Studio Display only lets you tilt its angle. If you want to be able to change its height, you will need to pony up $400 more for Apple’s height-adjustable stand or pick the $1,599 option that comes with a VESA mount adapter to connect to a stand you already have.

Here are the stand options available if you order a Studio Display.
Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

And it’s also worth pointing out that $400 is a huge premium for a metal stand. With that amount of money, you can buy an entire 4K monitor. Though the huge surcharge perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise — Apple is the company that sells a $699 wheels kit for the Mac Pro, after all.

Apple’s Studio Display is now available to order on Apple’s website. Though if you get one, make sure you’re positive about the stand you want. As observed by Ryan Block on Twitter, in the fine print, Apple notes that “each stand or mount adapter is built in” and that they aren’t interchangeable.

Update March 8th, 5:34PM ET: Added that each stand or mount adapter is built in.