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Slack says its problems are solved, but you might have to refresh

Slack says its problems are solved, but you might have to refresh


Slack’s connection issues aren’t due to your computer or internet

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Some people are back in the office while others are operating remotely, but for many workers, no matter where they are, Slack is still a default method of communication, and on this Wednesday morning, it is not working very well.

Complaints in The Verge Slack channels mention messages failing to send or edits that the app just won’t update, and over the last few hours, the company has confirmed it’s working to fix problems affecting “calls, huddles, email processing, file uploads, emoji reactions retention, new DM groups retention in sidebar, Search, Workflow builder, Workflow pop out windows, Channel creation, API errors, webhooks and Slack Connect invites.”

Slack’s first report of the issue went up at 5:49AM ET, and at 10:57AM ET the status page added a new message (included below) indicating the team has identified the problem and is working to resolve it, but there’s still no ETA for when things will get back to normal. Now, according to Slack, things should be working. A message posted just after noon said “We have pushed a fix for this issue and while some affected features should be working as expected now, please note that other actions may take a bit longer to resolve as the fix takes effect.”

While we have identified the issue causing disruption, our team is continuing to work on a solution. We’ll share another update when we have more detailed information. We appreciate your patience with us.

Yesterday, a Google Cloud glitch pulled down Spotify and Discord for a while, but it’s unclear what might be the cause of today’s Slack disconnections. Anyway, if your boss sent you a message and you forgot to respond, just toss them this leak — for now, you have a verifiable excuse for missing a notification or two.

Update March 9th, 11:17AM ET: Added more recent information about the Slack outage.

Update March 9th, 5:56PM ET: Added information about resolution and refreshing Slack.