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New Xbox update lets you pin Quick Resume games and remap the Share button

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The March Xbox dashboard update is here

Pin games to Quick Resume.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is rolling out a new Xbox dashboard update that includes Quick Resume improvements, Xbox Share button remapping, and a new audio wizard. The March Xbox dashboard update now includes the ability to pin games to Quick Resume, so Xbox Series S / X owners can ensure up to two games will never drop out of the Quick Resume feature.

Pinned games will only disappear from Quick Resume if they’re manually removed or there’s an update to the game. Quick Resume can support multiple games otherwise, and typically, games only fall out of the ability to resume instantly when you’ve launched more than 10. This can vary depending on how big each game is.

Quick Resume now has pinned games support.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is also making it much easier to fully customize the Share button on Xbox Series S / X controllers. The Xbox Share button has been limited to creating screenshots or game clips, and you’ll now be able to map it to lots of Xbox features, including controlling the TV volume, accessing search, or switching on Night Mode.

Microsoft has been testing this change over the past month, and the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, Xbox Adaptive Controller, and some other devices also have some newly supported actions, too. You can remap the Share button within the Xbox Accessories app. A new controller firmware update is also being released with this Xbox dashboard update and includes performance improvements and fixes.

Lastly, the Xbox dashboard now has a new audio setup wizard for HDMI devices. This allows you to test that HDMI audio formats are working correctly with an A/V setup. The new audio setup wizard is available on Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X consoles.