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Roblox is hiring a PlayStation engineer

Roblox is hiring a PlayStation engineer


The company seems to be looking at bringing Roblox to PlayStation

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A Roblox promotional image featuring many different characters.

Roblox is a hugely popular game — nearly 50 million users play it every day, according to Roblox (the company) — and that’s in part because it’s free and available on many different platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, and Xbox. One very conspicuous absence from that list is PlayStation, but that could be changing sometime soon, as Roblox has posted a job listing for a “Senior Software Engineer, PlayStation Console.”

“As a Gaming Console Software Engineer, you’ll help build and support our game engine used by millions of users worldwide for the Sony PlayStation platform, and other leading gaming consoles on the market,” Roblox says in the listing (emphasis Roblox’s). The listing also says one of the job’s responsibilities is to “develop and support the Roblox client application for gaming consoles platforms like Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4.”

While this listing indicates that Roblox is seriously looking into bringing Roblox to PlayStation, it’s still unclear if or exactly when it might be available on Sony’s platform. That said, Roblox has expressed an openness to expanding to new platforms before. On an earnings call in May 2021, Roblox CEO David Baszucki said that Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Meta’s Quest all “make perfect sense for Roblox” and that they were “logical platforms,” but added that “we won’t share any ship dates for them.”

And it seems likely that Roblox is aware of how much of a cash cow Epic Games’ Fortnite is on PlayStation. From March 2018 through July 2020, PlayStation 4 generated almost half of Fortnite’s total revenue, according to court documents released ahead of the Epic Games v. Apple trial. Roblox may not want to leave a similar opportunity on the table.

Roblox declined to comment.

Hat tip to an employee from Revealera for the heads up about the job listing.

Update March 9th, 4:52PM ET: Added that Roblox declined to comment.