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No Man’s Sky’s new free update turns you into a space outlaw

No Man’s Sky’s new free update turns you into a space outlaw


This update also brings missions and long-awaited capes

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Hello Games has released yet another large free update to No Man’s Sky. This one’s called Outlaws, and it delivers a set of missions where the player can acquire black market tech and other essential goods from other ships in a less-than-savory manner — and then smuggle it for a profit. There are also bounty missions and planetary raids. There will be high-conflict zones in areas where outlaws have captured space stations where you’ll have plenty of chances to engage in dogfights. Oh, and there are now capes and hoods that you can unlock for your character.

The studio says that combat has been improved with “speed and excitement” being the focus. Ships should handle better, but for those who want more accessibility during fights, there’s a new option called “Auto-Follow” to let you focus more on shooting and shield management.

No Man’s Sky Outlaws
I will take this cape. Thank you very much.
Image: Hello Games

As with almost every No Man’s Sky update, there are a plethora of other improvements that might make you want to jump back in. There’s a new Solar Starship, which is the first new addition to the fleet since the beginning of 2020. (It definitely has a different look from the previous set of ships in the game.)

Additionally, you’ll be able to own nine ships (previously six), and you can recruit and upgrade pilots for your ships, which each have unique combat abilities. All starships have support for more high-capacity cargo slots than before, and you can make the upgrade for your ship at any space station.