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The PlayStation 5 will be available directly through Sony today [update: sold out]

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Digital editions sold out first

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Update 5:30PM ET, April 25th: After over an hour (that was hopefully prosperous for you), the wave of PlayStation 5 consoles has sold through. The less expensive digital edition sold out first, but we were impressed with how long the disc version of the PS5 remained available. Hopefully, this is just one of many more restock opportunities through the spring.

Sony’s storefront will have the PlayStation 5 console available for purchase starting at 4:30PM ET today, so time is running out before the waiting room flips into a queue for the hotly in-demand console. We expect that the store will stock both the $499.99 version of the PlayStation 5 that features a disc drive, as well as the $399.99 digital version that lacks one. We also expect that this restock will sell out just as quickly as the others.

PS5 restocks, while popping up here and there, have been a rarity compared to purchase opportunities for other tech products that were hard to find as little as a few months ago. Things like Nvidia and AMD GPUs have slowly become easier to find in-stock, as have Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch OLED consoles. In other words, leap at this opportunity to get a PS5.

Some games and accessories to consider while you wait

Since Sony sells its consoles without the need for bundles, you can pick what accessories and exclusive games are the right fit for you. Here are some you can’t go wrong with.