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Dell’s Latitude 9330 has a touchpad with Stream Deck buttons

Dell’s Latitude 9330 has a touchpad with Stream Deck buttons


Fiddle with Zoom from the comfort of your touchpad

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The touchpad of the Dell Latitude 9330 with touchpad buttons illuminated seen from above.
Image: Dell

Asus is no longer the only big laptop manufacturer doing funky touchpad things: Dell has thrown its Latitude business line into the mix. The new Latitude 9330 has a new “collaboration touchpad” that I’m having trouble seeing as anything other than the trackpad version of a Stream Deck. Simply put, there appears to be a row of LED buttons across the top of the touchpad that access controls for the microphone, camera, chat, and screen-sharing function.

Also of interest is that this laptop is the first 13-inch device of the Latitude 9000 series. The 9000 line, while generally outside of many consumers’ price ranges, is the high-end segment of the Latitude line known for being thin and feature-packed. Business customers looking for flagship functionality in as small of a chassis as they can find will now have an option in this space.

Two Dell Latitude 9330 models on a white background, one in tablet mode and one in clamshell mode. The screens display identical pink and purple net backgrounds.


It’s a convertible; you can flip it around.
Image: Dell

Elsewhere, this device has a 16:10 touchscreen with 2560 x 1600 resolution and a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio. The webcam has an automatic shutter and a hardware kill switch on the keyboard. You can configure the device with up to a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 and 32GB of RAM (LPDDR5) with a 50 Whr battery. It will be available in June 2022, with pricing to be announced. (I’ll spoil the surprise for you: it’s not going to be cheap.)