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The tough-as-nails game Sifu is getting difficulty modes

The tough-as-nails game Sifu is getting difficulty modes


They’ll be available in an update launching May 3rd

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Sifu, the tough martial arts game released earlier this year, will be getting difficulty modes on May 3rd as part of a major content update, developer Sloclap announced Tuesday. The game had received some criticism for its challenging difficulty, so, hopefully, the new modes will make the game more approachable.

As part of the May 3rd update, the game will get “student,” “disciple,” and “master” difficulties, though it’s unclear exactly how the modes will be tuned in comparison to one another. If I had to guess, though, they translate to “easy,” “medium,” and “hard” modes.

I was a big fan of the game’s difficulty at launch. It was hard, but I loved going through the game’s levels multiple times to improve. When I defeated the game’s final boss, I leaped from my seat in jubilation. Along the way, though, I got frustrated a lot, and I’m happy that Sloclap is adding difficulty options that will likely make it easier for others to experience the game.

The May 3rd update will also add “advanced training,” the ability to select outfits, and a new outfit for standard edition owners as well as one for Deluxe edition owners. Sloclap is planning four major content updates in 2022, one timed with each season of the year. The summer one will add gameplay modifiers, which could give people who have put down the game a new reason to jump back in. The fall update will add a replay editor. And the winter update will add a mode called “arenas,” though Sloclap didn’t explain what it entails. All of the updates will be free, Sloclap says.