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Lucasfilm is working on another animated Star Wars anthology

A Star Wars Celebration panel listing points to new tales on the horizon

Characters from the first season of Star Wars Visions.
Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

In addition to being an anthology, Star Wars Visions was a brilliant testament to how refreshing and exhilarating the Star Wars franchise can still be when it dares to loosen up a bit and wander off the beaten path of its core saga. Though a second season of Visions is one of the big things fans have been hoping to hear about at this year’s Star Wars Celebration, it looks like there’s another anthology series to be on the watch for.

Though we’re still a few weeks out from this year’s Celebration event, a listing of the convention’s panels went up earlier today, along with descriptions of what attendees can expect to see. In what may have been a mistake given how the page was initially pulled, one listing for a panel hosted by The Mandalorian’s Dave Filoni and Amy Ratcliffe has seemingly confirmed the existence of Tales of the Jedi, a new anthology series of animated shorts.

Though the listing doesn’t include any information about the show, Tales of the Jedi’s title alone is a fairly significant clue about what type of stories it may tell. Dark Horse’s ’90s-era Tales of the Jedi comics chronicled a number of significant moments from the Star Wars expanded universe’s history thousands of years before the events of the original films. A Tales of the Jedi show could serve as a way to bring some of the Old Republic era’s lore back into the Star Wars canon and perhaps explore some of the ideas being laid out in The High Republic. We won’t know what Lucasfilm has in store, though, until Star Wars Celebration kicks off on Thursday, May 26th.