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Nintendo’s latest wave of Switch indies features Ooblets, Mini Motorways, and TABS

Nintendo’s latest wave of Switch indies features Ooblets, Mini Motorways, and TABS


The biggest announcements from the Nintendo Indie World Showcase

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For its first Indie World Showcase of 2022, Nintendo revealed a colorful and occasionally violent slate of independent games coming to the Switch. The bigger-name titles coming to the console include the farming / Pokémon-style adventure Ooblets and the goofy strategy game TABS (or Totally Accurate Battle Simulator), both of which are slated to hit the Switch sometime this summer. (The Switch release for Ooblets will coincide with the game’s 1.0 launch on PC and Xbox.)

There are also multiple titles launching later today, including the city sim Mini Motorways, rhythm-based dungeon crawler Soundfall, visual novel Opus: Echo of Starsong, and the nature adventure game Gibbon: Beyond the Trees.

Other highlights include: Nama Takahashi’s clever puzzle-platformer ElecHead (already available on PC and coming to the Switch this summer); the “tactical roguelike deckbuilder” Wildfrost (launching during the holidays); a Devolver-published neo-noir side-scrolling action game called Gunbrella (2023 on Switch and PC); a crabby take on Dark Souls called Another Crab’s Treasure (2023 on Switch and PC), where players fight through a polluted ocean; the dark underwater adventure Silt (June); the interactive musical biopic We Are OFK (weekly episodes starting in the summer); and Wayward Strand, a branching narrative adventure set on an airship hospital (July 21st).

And no, Hollow Knight expansion Silksong still doesn’t have a release date.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has largely solidified its line-up of first-party games for the coming months, with the likes of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in July, Splatoon 3 in September, and a new Pokémon release later in the year.