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Here’s when you can preorder Google’s new devices

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Be prepared to wait for the Pixel 6A, Pixel Buds Pro, and Pixel Watch

Some of Google’s latest hardware announcements are coming in the summer, while others are further off.
Image: Google

Google just announced a batch of new Pixel products at its I/O 2022 keynote. Among them is a new midrange Pixel phone, the Pixel 6A; some new premium wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds Pro; and Google’s first wearable, the Pixel Watch. This is a healthy amount of new tech to come out of the online developer conference, in addition to what’s coming soon for Android 13 and other Google services, but let’s not start camping out in lines at the Google Store and various Best Buy locations just yet.

In typical Google fashion, much of what it boasted onstage during I/O are things that are coming soon. If you missed the keynote, here’s where you can catch up on all the nitty-gritty details. But if you’re in the market for Google’s new phone, buds, or watch, you’ll have to wait until the summer — or in the case of that last one, the fall. Let’s quickly go over when each one is due out and what to expect.

The new Pixel 6A is a blend of the Pixel 6 and older 5A.
Image: Google

How to buy the Google Pixel 6A

Google’s latest midrange phone in its A-series line is the Pixel 6A, and it unsurprisingly looks a bit like a Pixel 6 without the headphone jack that its predecessors are known for. What is surprising is that it’s got the same Google Tensor processor as the pricier Pixel 6 but starts at $449. The Pixel 6A is set to go up for preorder on July 21st and is expected to ship and hit stores on July 28th. It will have Android 12 to start and get an upgrade to Android 13.

The previous Pixel 5A was a good smartphone that was held back by its limited availability, only selling directly through Google. We’ll have to see if the Pixel 6A gets wider availability as its summer launch approaches. Read all of the details about the Pixel 6A here.

Google’s barrel-shaped Pixel Buds Pro come in four colors.
Image: Google

How to buy the Google Pixel Buds Pro

The Pixel Buds Pro function as the new, premium model in Google’s Pixel Buds lineup. The budget-minded Pixel Buds A-Series that came out in 2021 all but replaced the need for the pricier Pixel Buds that came before, and now the new Pixel Buds Pro will sit above the A-Series model.

The new Pixel Buds Pro feature active noise cancellation, multipoint connectivity, a handy transparency mode, and touch controls. They will run $199 and be offered in four colors — coral, lemongrass, fog, and charcoal — when they go up for preorder on July 21st and hit retailers on July 28th. Check out all of the details on the Pixel Buds Pro right here.

Google’s first in-house wearable, the Pixel Watch, launches this fall.
Image: Google

How to buy the Google Pixel Watch

Arguably the new device with the most riding on its shoulders for Google is the new Pixel Watch. This is Google’s first wearable and smartwatch that is developed internally, and Google is using its acquisition of Fitbit to power the fitness-focus of this watch, which comes with heart rate tracking and sleep tracking. In terms of design, the Pixel Watch features a circular, domed design and a turnable crown for controlling its Wear OS software — the same software that Google partnered with Samsung to develop.

The Pixel Watch will not be available until the fall, and Google has not announced a preorder date just yet. Perhaps we’ll get more Pixel Watch info as the other Google products launch in the summer, but for now, check out all of the fine details of the Pixel Watch here.

A tease of the Pixel 7 phones due out in the fall.
Image: Google

What about the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel tablet?

Oh, you thought Google was just going to launch a new generation of Pixel phones and its first tablet since the terrible Pixel Slate before the fall hardware season? Nah, it’s just teasing us. Google gave us all a little treat by showing a design preview of what the Pixel 7 and Pixel tablet will look like, but we all know it’s just doing its damndest to control the narrative and get ahead of the inevitable leaks. The proper details are still to come, and we are likely about five months out from these actual announcements.

Well, at least we can ogle some pics and see how the strange looks of the Pixel 6 will evolve.