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The Boys’ first season 3 trailer has Homelander doing damage control

The Boys’ first season 3 trailer has Homelander doing damage control


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a murderous psychopath

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The superpowered humans of Amazon’s The Boys are a danger in and of themselves, but it’s Vought — the immensely powerful and unscrupulous megacorporation that secretly created them — that poses the largest threat to the world. This has been obvious since the series’ very first episode, and while it’s occasionally felt like the organization might be on the brink of getting its comeuppance, a new trailer for The Boys’ upcoming third season makes clear that Vought’s nowhere near giving up.

The Boys’ second season detailed how, in addition to secretly exposing children to chemicals that eventually gave rise to the world’s population of superpeople, Vought also knowingly brought on a deranged Nazi to join the Seven, its flagship team of superheroes. Were the truth about Vought to ever fully catch on in the general public, one might imagine that the company might immediately crumble. But the season 3 trailer finds Vought holding up quite well as Homelander (Antony Starr) does some damage control while promoting Vought’s upcoming movie about the Seven.

In what feels like The Boys’ direct nod to the Sinclair Broadcast Group making local news broadcasters recite scripts, Homelander appears on a variety of news networks both to promote the film and to distance himself from his antisemitic former teammate. Nothing about Homelander’s words rings particularly true because he’s saying the same thing to every reporter he speaks with, and he’s always been prone to deception. But the way Homelander’s obviously cracking apart mentally points to The Boys’ larger exploration of Vought’s self-destruction not being over just yet.

The Boys’ third season is slated to hit Amazon Prime on June 3rd.