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Now you can order a third round of free test kits from

Now you can order a third round of free test kits from


The USPS will send you eight tests instead of four

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Image of two boxes of covid-19 rapid tests
Double the number of tests from the first two rounds.

The US Postal Service has updated its free at-home COVID-19 test webpage, indicating that citizens can now place an order for a third round of government-provided rapid tests (h / t Alexander Tin and DrAltGov on Twitter). Compared to previous rounds, you’ll be sent double the number of tests — eight instead of four.

The procedure is largely the same as it was when the US launched in January; you go to the site, fill in your name and address, and the tests will show up in your mailbox. According to the USPS, though, because you’re getting eight tests this time, they’ll be shipped in two separate packages. You’ll receive a tracking number for each.

Test often

The order confirmation page notes that if you skipped any of the rounds (as in, you didn’t order tests in January and / or March), you’ll also be able to place a second order.

In March, the USPS announced that it had shipped around 270 million tests. The agency doesn’t seem to have posted an updated total since then, but we reached out to see if there was a more up-to-date figure and will update this story if we hear back. For now, you can order your tests using this link or by going to and following the instructions.