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As the Overwatch 2 beta ends, a new Overwatch remix event begins

As the Overwatch 2 beta ends, a new Overwatch remix event begins


Blizzard also announced an Overwatch 2 event for June

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Image: Blizzard

The Overwatch 2 beta is now over. If you were one of the lucky handful that were able to snag an invite, congratulations. If not, don’t worry. There will likely be more opportunities to try out Overwatch 2 in the future.

One of those opportunities could be revealed during an Overwatch 2 event slated for June 16th.

Overwatch 2 game director Adam Keller thanked the beta participants and shared some thoughts about what it meant to the developers to see players’ reactions to the game, saying, “It can be scary putting something that means so much to you out there for other people to look at. Especially when you know that it’s not finished and you’re asking for people’s real and valid criticisms of what you’ve made.”

While excitement for the finished game is still pretty high, critics have given the beta a lukewarm reception. The game also never recaptured the highs on Twitch as it did when Blizzard was giving out invites to viewers who watched certain streamers for a set number of hours. Personally, the beta was just okay. I wish the support heroes — a class I play almost to the exclusion of others — had gotten more updates like a lot of the tank and damage heroes did. I’m also eager to see any of the PvE additions coming to the game, as that was always what I was most excited for.

Overall, at this stage, Overwatch 2 feels not quite finished, which is probably where it should be since the game’s still in beta. I’m hoping that whatever’s announced during the Overwatch 2 event on June 16th will fill in the gaps.

In the meantime, Overwatch prime is still a game that anyone can play right now. And, to perhaps ease the sting of beta players having to return to the base Sojourn-less game, Blizzard has announced the next anniversary event starts today.

Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Volume 2 gives players the opportunity to play all the best seasonal events, complete challenges for special skins, and earn updated palette swaps on some of the best legendary skins in the game.