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Marvel Snap is a speedy digital card game from former Hearthstone developers

Marvel Snap is a speedy digital card game from former Hearthstone developers


Thanos Snap your opponents in this fast-paced CCG

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Hot off the heels of Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness comes a new game from Marvel Entertainment that offers the same flavor of throwing everybody from everywhere in a big ole pot, shaking, and seeing what kind of shenanigans come out.

Marvel Snap is a new collectible card game that its creators claim has some of the fastest gameplay in the CCG space. According to the announcement video, matches only last about three minutes, and players take their turns simultaneously so there’s no waiting for your opponent to just finally figure out they have lethal and kill you already.

Marvel Snap matches seem to be based around arranging cards under one of three areas on the board in order to take control of them. The player who takes control of two of the three areas wins the match. To heighten the stakes, players can “snap” their opponent, which seems like a high-risk / high-reward move to gain an edge and win the match.

Screenshot from Marvel Snap highlighting the Shang Chi, Scarlet Witch, and The Infinaut cards
An example of the cards in Marvel Snap
Second Dinner

Cards in Marvel Snap bear resemblances to its siblings in the CCG space like Hearthstone and Magic Arena. Cards are assigned an attack power and defense power and have abilities that trigger when the card is played or if other events have happened. Decks are constructed of only 12 unique cards, and at launch, there will be over 150 unique cards featuring characters from across the Marvel multiverse.

Marvel Snap is the freshmen debut of Second Dinner, a game studio founded by a team of ex-Hearthstone developers, including its beloved director Ben Brode. Second Dinner partnered with Marvel Entertainment and publisher Nuverse, which is owned by TikTok developer ByteDance.

Marvel Snap is free-to-play and will be available on mobile and PC platforms, and starting today, players can sign up for a limited closed beta on Android devices.