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The Umbrella Academy’s on a field trip to another reality in first season 3 trailer

The Umbrella Academy’s on a field trip to another reality in first season 3 trailer


The Umbrella Academy’s third season will put Ben in the spotlight

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The Umbrella Academy’s second season followed the Hargreeves siblings into the not too distant past where they narrowly managed to prevent a doomsday scenario that would have turned the future into yet another apocalypse. Though the siblings believed they’d put everything right enough as they returned to their own time, The Umbrella Academy’s first season 3 trailer illustrates just how wrong they were.

It’s unclear what about the Hargreeves’ actions in the past led to their timelines splitting and made it possible for them to travel into an alternate, unfamiliar reality where the Umbrella Academy was never founded by their adoptive father Sir Reginald (Colm Feore). Rather than the Umbrella Academy of their youths, Luther (Tom Hopper), Diego (David Castañeda), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), Five (Aidan Gallagher), and Vanya / Viktor (Elliot Page) are shocked to find themselves standing in the Sparrow Academy when they first arrive and even more alarmed to see their very corporeal brother Ben (Justin H. Min) among the Sparrows’ ranks.

Like their Ben, the new reality’s Ben has the ability to manifest monstrous tentacles from his body that he can use to devastating effect. But this Ben, much like his fellow Sparrows, wants nothing to do with the Umbrellas and immediately sees their sudden arrival as a sign that they can’t be trusted. Though the trailer doesn’t say much about The Umbrella Academy’s plot this season, it features a handful of glimpses of the series’ new Sparrows using their abilities, like bird conjurer Fei (Britne Oldford) and Alphonso (Jake Epstein), a super strong man with a melted face.

The trailer also shows you how Vanya will transition over the course of this season and embrace his identity as Viktor, all while gaining a more fine-tuned control over his destructive sonic powers. What’s most fascinating about the trailer, though, is its implication that this season might not just be about the Sparrows and the Umbrellas fighting. It’s clear that, different as the two groups are, they know there’s something to be gained from learning about one another and perhaps collaborating. But just what the superpowered teams are trying to accomplish won’t become clear until The Umbrella Academy’s third season hits Netflix on June 22nd.