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The Xbox Series X is readily available to order from Microsoft and Costco right now

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A bundle for Costco members, a standalone console for everyone else

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The flagship Xbox console occasionally dabbles in easy availability.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

If you’re on the hunt for the Xbox Series X, we may currently have a brief respite from some of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it console restocks. The flagship Xbox has never been quite as difficult to get as a PlayStation 5, but at times, it flirted with being readily available. Right now, we have one of those lulls where a couple retailers have the Xbox Series X available to order without much fuss. Costco members can get it in a bundle with an additional controller for $549.99, and anyone can freely order the standalone console for $499.99 direct from Microsoft.

Like other retailers, both Microsoft and Costco have had many moments where the consoles popped up with limited availability and instantly sold out, but right now, these listings are holding. Costco’s bundle offering of course appeals to a narrower audience since you have to be a Costco member and be willing to pay an additional $50 for a second black controller. Microsoft offers bundled accessory options of your choosing, but you’re not forced to buy them.

A few of us ran into errors when clicking Checkout at Microsoft but were able to work around it by using another browser or opening an Incognito window. Be sure to try different options if at first you see a “You have reached the max quantity for a product“ message when clicking the big green button. Once you’re able to get it in your cart and ready for checkout, you’ll see a shipping estimate. My estimated delivery date from Microsoft is June 16th, while Costco’s listing indicates a shorter lead time of about a week.