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Apple Arcade is getting a Mario Kart-style racer starring Hank Hill

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May will also see a new Badlands and Goat Simulator added to the subscription service

Later this month Apple is adding a Mario Kart-style racer to its gaming subscription service. Called Warped Kart Racers, the game brings together 20 different characters from 20th Television animated series like American Dad and King of the Hill, with gameplay that looks heavily inspired by Nintendo’s iconic racing series. It’s expected to debut on Apple Arcade on May 20th.

The announcement comes as Apple details its lineup of Arcade games for May. Elsewhere on the service, BadLand Party — a multiplayer twist on the atmospheric platformer — will debut on the 6th; Goat Simulator launches on the 13th; and a 3D darts game closes out the month’s releases on the 27th.

Apple has been quietly updating Arcade with notable games on a nearly weekly basis. The service got a big boost last year with the introduction of classic games to help flesh out its library, alongside some big-name exclusives like Fantasian. Recent additions include an updated version of the bonsai puzzle game Prune, physics puzzler Moonshot, and ecological adventure game Gibbon: Beyond The Trees.