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Netflix just added a sci-fi RPG called Relic Hunters: Rebels

Netflix just added a sci-fi RPG called Relic Hunters: Rebels


The library is slowly expanding

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Netflix is continuing to add to its steadily growing lineup of mobile games with the launch of Relic Hunters: Rebels today. The game, developed by Brazilian developer Rogue Snail, is the latest in the Relic Hunters series of colorful shooters and the first for mobile. The sci-fi RPG has a heavy emphasis on gunplay with a total of 44 different weapons to experiment with, and the studio says it was designed in part to run well on older phones. As with all other Netflix mobile games, Rebels is available for free to subscribers through Netflix’s mobile apps.

Netflix’s foray into gaming kicked off properly late last year, and, since then, the company has added a number of new titles — including its first FPS and a League of Legends spinoff — while also acquiring developers like Boss Fight Entertainment, Next Games, and Night School Studio. The streaming service also launched a daily interactive trivia series and announced plans for both a TV series and mobile game based on the card game Exploding Kittens.

In a blog post, Rogue Snail CEO Mark Venturelli said that “the idea that we could make games without worrying about monetization was also very compelling, as it allows us to focus on just making a fun game without having to worry about how to pay our bills.”

As its gaming efforts ramp up, Netflix is facing challenges in its core streaming business. Last month, the company announced that it was expecting to lose 2 million subscribers and was exploring the idea of a cheaper, ad-supported tier for the service. Last week Netflix laid off staff from its fansite Tudum, which only launched in December.