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Lenovo’s new Yoga AIO 7 is a rotating second screen for your smartphone

Lenovo’s new Yoga AIO 7 is a rotating second screen for your smartphone


Coming to ‘select markets’

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Lenovo has refreshed the AIO 7, its 27-inch, 4K, all-in-one desktop PC with a screen that can rotate 90 degrees. The new AIO will not be sold in North America but will be available in “other select geographical markets.” Pricing has not been announced, but last year’s model started at $1,599.

New to this model is that owners can wirelessly cast their smartphone’s screen to the 27-inch rotation monitor. (Your phone must support DLNA, AirPlay, Miracast, or LElink.) The rotating form factor has gained recent popularity in part due to the growth of vertical video formats across social media, and this feature could perhaps be attractive to creators who edit video and photos in that space. It could also be a potentially hilarious way to experience TikTok.

Inside, the device is powered by AMD’s Ryzen 6000 processors with optional AMD Radeon RX 6600M graphics. As with last year’s model, you can also plug a laptop into the AIO 7 via USB-C to control both devices with the same peripherals.

Rotating displays did not begin with the AIO 7 — TVs and Chrome OS desktops have dabbled in the past — but it is still unusual to see one in an all-in-one computer. Lenovo announced a number of other devices in the Yoga and IdeaPad lines today, many of which prioritize combining power with portability. The AIO, for those in countries where it’ll be available, is an interesting desk-bound option for those who need more screen real estate.