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Vergecast: the future of Apple, Fortnite’s back on iOS, and Sonos’ voice assistant

Plus, the best headphones you can’t possibly Google

Tim Cook billion iPhone
Tim Cook showcases the billionth iPhone at Apple’s campus on Wednesday.
Image: Apple

Every Friday, The Verge publishes our flagship podcast, The Vergecast, where Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel and editor-at-large David Pierce discuss the week in tech news with the reporters and editors covering the biggest stories.

On today’s episode, Nilay and David spend a while chatting with Tripp Mickle, a New York Times reporter and the author of a new book, titled After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul. They talk about the rise of Jony Ive and Tim Cook, the power struggle between the two, and how Apple is grappling with everything from building a car to managing its relationship with the Chinese government.

After that, Verge managing editor Alex Cranz joins the show to talk about Starlink’s new Portability mode, HP’s super high-end new Chromebook, Fortnite coming back to iOS courtesy of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Sonos’ upcoming soundbar and voice assistant, and why Siri can’t seem to successfully close Nilay’s garage.

There’s a whole lot more packed into the show. You can listen to the full discussion here or through your preferred podcast player.

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