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The first trailer for Love, Death and Robots volume 3 is full of killer animals

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The sci-fi anthology returns to Netflix on May 20th

We already knew that Netflix’s sci-fi anthology Love, Death and Robots was returning for a third volume. But thanks to a fresh trailer, we now also know what to expect. As always, the show will feature short animated stories that generally fall into the genres of sci-fi, horror, and, occasionally, fantasy. But what really makes Love, Death and Robots stand out is the variety of stories it tells. This season looks no different, with animation ranging from hyper-real to cel-shaded trippiness.

Netflix says the new season will feature nine stories, and if there’s a unifying theme — aside from the titular love, death, and robots — it might just be animals. The trailer includes giant crabs, warrior rats, cyborg bears, and what appears to be an astronaut kitty. Also, there’s a not very subtle dig at tech billionaires. The third volume of the show, produced by Tim Miller and David Fincher, is due to start streaming on May 20th.