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Discord adds text chat directly inside your voice channels

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It’s called Text Chat in Voice Channels

Discord’s Star Badger video is a Star Fox parody that shows how Text Chat in Voice Channels works.
Image: Discord

Discord is enabling a new dedicated text chat feature for voice channels. Users of the platform can take advantage of the new feature, aptly named Text Chat in Voice Channels, by clicking on a new chat bubble icon for the voice channel they are participating in. The feature is a welcome quality of life change, similar to the chat window in Zoom calls that many are used to in this day and age.

All non-community servers have Text Chat in Voice Channels enabled by default, while servers that have community enabled (under Server Settings > Community) have a period of time to opt into the feature before it enables automatically on all servers by June 29th.

Demonstration of Text Chat in Voice Channels.
Image: Discord

Previously, Discord users engaged in a voice channel would have to create or locate a separate chat channel to send links or even just quietly engage the group. Oftentimes, it can be annoying since the name of a corresponding text channel could be very different from the name of the voice channel, like #voice-chat-spam-2. Someone would have to verbally spell out a text channel name for you to join, or you would have to directly message users.

Those who moderate community servers are also getting new tools that will help them transition into the new Text Chat in Voice Channels feature. They can set up roles to decide who can use the feature on their servers and also enable / disable the feature piece-meal for different voice channels. Permissions for the new voice channel chat are also present and work similarly to other text channel permissions to control messages, reactions, external emoji and stickers, and other items.

Correction June 1st, 12:42PM ET: Discord’s previous press release stated the opt-in period for Community servers would last until June 15th. After publication, Discord informed us it will last until June 29th and the feature will also automatically be enabled on Community servers.