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More Star Wars: Visions and a new Tales of the Jedi prequel anthology are on the way

More Star Wars: Visions and a new Tales of the Jedi prequel anthology are on the way


Star Wars Celebration 2022 has come to an end

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A group of Togruta.
A group of Togruta.
Image: Lucasfilm

While live-action announcements grabbed most of the attention during this year’s Star Wars Celebration, the event came to a close with more than a handful of new developments on the animation front that are set to broaden the Star Wars canon in the near future.

Though most of the news out of this year’s Celebration was focused on stories about the adult heroes and villains who’ll be duking it out across Star Wars’ history, the conversation turned toward younglings on Friday as Michael Olson and the rest of the creative team behind Disney Plus and Disney Junior’s Young Jedi Adventures revealed some early details about the upcoming project. Set during Star Wars’ High Republic era, Young Jedi Adventures — due out in spring 2023 — will follow the journeys of multiple Jedi-to-be as they first begin to learn the ways of the Force.

While the series is aimed at younger viewers, supervising director Elliot M. Bour explained that Young Jedi Adventures will also delve into new details about the larger universe as it existed during the High Republic, when the Jedi were still at the height of their power.

Like Young Jedi Adventures, Dave Filoni and Charles Murray’s new Tales of the Jedi anthology series will focus on stories set during the Star Wars prequels but follow familiar characters like Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku. In its first six-episode-long series — due out later this year — Tales of the Jedi will spotlight significant moments in Ahsoka and Dooku’s lives and crystalize their respective paths toward heroism and villainy.

Details were slim about the next season of Star Wars: Visions —but Lucasfilm revealed that the upcoming batch of episodes will include projects from a variety of production houses outside of Japan. While there will still be some anime installments, the second season of Visions will also include episodes produced in South Korea, France, Spain, India, the UK, Ireland, and South Africa when it debuts in the spring of next year.