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Sonos’ long-awaited Sub Mini shows up at the FCC

Sonos’ long-awaited Sub Mini shows up at the FCC


It’s inching closer to release, but what will it cost?

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Even before its latest soundbar hits store shelves, Sonos is moving closer to the release of its next product — and it’s an eagerly anticipated one. As noted by Redditors and Protocol’s Janko Roettgers, the upcoming Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer has passed through the FCC.

The filing leaves no doubt about what product we’re looking at: the Sub Mini was tested in a setup that included a “master device” none other than the Sonos Beam. And a diagram showing the location of the FCC compliance label confirms the cylindrical design that Sonos has previously referenced.

The FCC filing confirms the Sub Mini’s cylindrical shape.
The FCC filing confirms the Sub Mini’s cylindrical shape.
Image: FCC

Last month, The Verge revealed a 3D render preview of the Sub Mini’s overall design. While some minor hardware details might differ in the final product, it’s an accurate depiction of what the Sub Mini will look like.

The big question on the minds of many Sonos fans is how much the company’s entry-level subwoofer will cost. With the regular Sub priced in the stratosphere at $749, Sonos has a lot of room to play with. $599? $499? I’d wager somewhere in that territory, but hopefully it won’t be much longer before we find out the full story — and learn the differences between the Sub Mini and its larger, squarer sibling.

There might not be much of a wait left. The Sonos Roam was spotted at the FCC about a month before it was announced by the company. The Sonos Ray took a bit longer; its FCC filing was uncovered in March before the new soundbar was leaked and then formally unveiled in May.

Just yesterday, Sonos rolled out its own voice control service to the company’s lineup of smart speakers including the Sonos Roam, Move, Arc, Beam, and One.