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You can join the queue to buy a PlayStation 5 right now

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No invite required, so hop in

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Sony has invite-only restocks more frequently but every once in a while has a public queue.

It’s that time again for another chance to buy a PlayStation 5 directly from Sony. While the console maker often sends out emails for invite-only restocks, this one’s for everyone, and it’s starting now. If you’re lucky, you’ll get through the queue and have the chance to buy a standard disc-equipped $499 PS5 or a $399 PS5 Digital Edition, and if Sony’s last console selling events are anything to go by, there should be bundles of both with Horizon Forbidden West included for a total savings of $20 off the cost of the game.

Remember that when buying a PS5 from Sony, you must log in to your PlayStation Network account, and each account can only buy one console. These queues can last up to an hour or more, and the estimated time remaining may jump a little. The key is to stick to it and see if you get lucky. You don’t have to refresh the page at all, so just let it tick away and cross your fingers.

If you get beyond the queue, you’ll have your pick of the available consoles and bundles on offer as well as accessories — like colorful controllers or a wireless headset. Be sure not to waste any time and check out right away to minimize the chance of errors or somehow missing out. And, of course, good luck!

While you hang out in the queue

Here are some accessories and games we always suggest for new PS5 owners, many of which Sony will have on offer if you get through the queue.