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SiriusXM’s radio app is now available on Comcast X1 boxes and smart TVs

SiriusXM’s radio app is now available on Comcast X1 boxes and smart TVs


You’re going to have to pay for it, though

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The SiriusXM app.
The SiriusXM app.
Image: Comcast

Comcast subscribers can now access the SiriusXM app from their Xfinity Flex streaming device and XClass TV as well as through the Xfinity X1 hub for live TV. You can call up the app by saying “SiriusXM” to your voice remote or by searching for it within your device’s list of apps.

Although Comcast gives users free access to the NBC Peacock app on X1 and Flex devices, you’ll either need to sign up for a paid SiriusXM subscription or use your existing one to use the app. SiriusXM is offering new subscribers a free three-month trial for its most expensive Streaming Platinum tier, but after that, you’ll have to pay the $10.99 / month price.

The Platinum tier includes over 425 channels, with 330 for ad-free music, two exclusive Howard Stern channels, and stations for podcasts like Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart, and Freakonomics Radio. The other two subscription packages for streaming only (not for use in the car) cost $7.99 and $4.99 / month but come with a more limited lineup of stations. You can view the full lineup of stations from SiriusXM’s site as well as apply filters to see how access differs depending on the plan you sign up for.

“With today’s launch across X1, Flex and XClass TV, our customers can now enjoy all their favorite music channels, podcasts, live news and more from SiriusXM on the biggest screen in their home, seamlessly integrated alongside all their other entertainment,” Sudhir Muralidhar, Comcast’s vice president of app ecosystems, said in a statement.

The SiriusXM app has been available on smart home devices prior to its partnership with Comcast, dating at least as far back as the first Google TV platform in 2012. Currently, this includes smart TVs from Amazon, LG, Samsung, and Sony as well as devices that support streaming like Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox.