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The Safety Check feature in iOS 16 is intended to aid those in abusive relationships

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The feature will let you audit who has permission to your passwords and apps and cut it off at a moment’s notice

Screenshot: The Verge

Today, Apple announced at WWDC 2022 that it’s introducing a new feature called Safety Check in iOS 16. The new feature is meant to protect people in abusive relationships.

Safety Check can help users manage app access and passwords and inform them who has their passwords and information. It’ll help people in abusive relationships more easily cut ties to an abusive partner across devices. They can do this by reviewing and revoking access for certain people. That includes apps like Find My, location, data, contacts, and more. You can also use the Emergency Reset feature, which immediately resets access for all people and apps at once across devices synced with your iCloud account. That feature can also be used to review your security settings.

Apple has been making progress to address privacy concerns with its devices, but Monica Chin and Victoria Song spoke with security experts who agreed that, particularly with its AirTags, it’s still playing catch up to outsmart people who use them with malicious intent. But features like Safety Check are a big step in the right direction.