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Apple’s Fitness app will be included with iOS 16, no Apple Watch required

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One of many new iOS 16 features

Here’s the Fitness app on an iPhone.
Image: Apple

Apple will no longer require you to have an Apple Watch to use the Fitness app on iPhone starting with iOS 16. At WWDC 2022, the company announced that the app will be included with Apple’s upcoming major software update.

On an iPhone, the Fitness app will use your iPhone’s motion sensors to track things like steps. What your iPhone tracks can be put toward closing your rings. It’s a big change for the Fitness app, and as my colleague David Pierce said in our liveblog, “now you can have the pleasure / torture of having to close your rings every day, even if you don’t have a watch.”

iOS 16 promises to be a big update for the iPhone, and it has a bevy of new features. Apple is adding major customizations for the lock screen, editable texts, and more. And watchOS 9 includes fitness features like new running metrics.