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The best stock Nerf blasters ever made are half-off for Prime Day

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Target and Walmart have the best deals

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Has there ever been a better day to get into Nerf? I’m having a hard time thinking of one. Two of the best, most competitive unmodded blasters cost half their normal price today — including the Dart Zone MK-3 and the Nerf Rival Perses — and I’m seeing huge discounts on a bunch of other actually-fun foam throwers as well.

Just note that you won’t actually find most of these blasters at Amazon. Target and Walmart are holding the best blaster sales, likely in an attempt to draw focus from their competitor.

  • Dart Zone MK-3 for $65 (normally $130) at Target. The hobby’s never seen a stock blaster like the MK-3 before, pictured atop this story. You get semi-auto AND full-auto; short darts AND long darts; 8AAs or the option of a drop-in lithium polymer pack if you buy one yourself. That’s all in one sci-fi rifle that shoots 150 feet-per-second right out of the box. Just know that its serrated flywheels can be harsh on darts.