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Destiny Item Manager has a Stream Deck app now

Never leave the tower without it

Managing your Destiny 2 loot should’ve always been this easy.
Image: Alice Newcome-Beill

While everyone is talking about Destiny 2’s annual summer event, Solstice of Heroes, I’m busy with an evergreen event I like to call “managing my character’s inventory.” Anyone that plays Destiny 2 regularly has almost definitely used Destiny Item Manager (DIM), a community-created tool that keeps track of your items in a browser or on your phone at one point or another.

In fact, this tool has become so widely used that opening your vault in Destiny has a disclaimer that you should use DIM instead of attempting to manage your piles of loot in-game. DIM syncs with your Destiny 2 account and allows you to easily swap items between characters, assign loadouts, remotely pull stuff from the postmaster, and other quality-of-life improvements that frankly should’ve been added a long time ago by Bungie.

Bungie knows when it’s beat, recommending third-party apps for things like inventory management.
Image: Bungie

Until now, DIM has been available through browsers or on your mobile device, but fairly recently, an app for the Elgato Stream Deck by user Francesco Saverio Cannizzaro has upped the ante. While inventive players have integrated DIM with their Stream Deck before, the process required complicated workarounds involving multiple macro strings, but this app makes the process much easier.

While user-created apps for the Stream Deck can be a bit hit-or-miss, I was surprised by how easy it was to set up and use, not to mention how much functionality it has. Besides allowing you to switch between saved loadouts, the app also allows you to pull individual items to your active character and even provides counters for the growing list of currencies you have to keep track of.

The Stream Deck XL in all its 32-key glory
Image: Elgato

I’ve been a Stream Deck XL owner for years, and while I’ve managed to get some use out of it to launch applications and resize windows, I feel like this app has given me a reason to use all of the 32 individual buttons. Hell, even if I didn’t own a Stream Deck, this app alone would be enough motivation to get me to buy one.

Doing stuff like this should’ve always been this simple, but until Bungie manages to provide a better solution, I’m thankful that DIM and clever developers like Francesco are making the lives of Destiny 2 players just a little easier, thanks to a 32-button controller with customizable displays.