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There’s beauty and battles in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’s new trailer

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A fresh glimpse at SDCC

Amazon’s very big and very expensive take on Lord of the Rings has yet another trailer. At San Diego Comic-Con, the company revealed the latest look at The Rings of Power, a new series for Prime Video that takes place thousands of years before the events of Lord of the Rings, during the “Second Age” of the history of Middle-earth. The three-minute-long clip features more stunning vistas along with some fantasy warfare.

Here’s the official premise:

Beginning in a time of relative peace, the series follows an ensemble cast of characters, both familiar and new, as they confront the long-feared re-emergence of evil to Middle-earth. From the darkest depths of the Misty Mountains, to the majestic forests of the elf-capital of Lindon, to the breathtaking island kingdom of Númenor, to the furthest reaches of the map, these kingdoms and characters will carve out legacies that live on long after they are gone.

There has been a steady stream of news about the series of late, including a sizable trailer — labeled a “main teaser” — that debuted earlier this month. The show will be available on Prime Video on September 2nd. It’ll also be competing with another fantasy epic, as HBO’s Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon debuts on August 21st.