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Nintendo Switch Sports is adding more motion controls to soccer with a free update

Nintendo Switch Sports is adding more motion controls to soccer with a free update


Kicking around your living room, you are definitely going to break something

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Screenshot from Nintendo Switch Sports soccer mini game in which a blue-haired boy kicks an oversized soccer ball
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Sports is getting a free update on July 26th that will no doubt cause a rise in living room-related injuries. Soccer, one of the six sports you can play, will be getting increased motion control support allowing you to use your legs to kick your way to victory.

In addition to the soccer update, volleyball will also get some new moves — slide attack and rocket serve. And for online players, Nintendo is adding a new S and Infinity rank so you can really brag about how good you are at badminton.

In Nintendo Switch Sports, players use a combination of Joy-Con and motion controls to play. When bowling, you swing your arm back just as you would at the lanes, and for Chambara — the sword-fighting mini-game — you flail your arms about in hopes of striking your opponent.

Soccer was one of the mini-games that didn’t really make good use of the motion controls despite the fact the game came with a Joy-Con leg strap. To play a regular match, players would control their characters via Joy-Cons using a combination of button presses and arms swings — not terribly intuitive, given nobody uses their hands in real soccer. (Err, unless you’re the goalie, I guess.) The only mode in soccer that used the leg strap was the special shoot-out mode in which you and a friend compete to see who can kick the most goals.

With the new update, Nintendo Switch Sports will now allow you to use kicks to play in one-on-one and four-on-four soccer matches, bringing a whole new level of movement to the game and probably a lot more stubbed toes.