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Yeezy Gap and Balenciaga made a mobile game to promote a new clothing line

Yeezy Gap and Balenciaga made a mobile game to promote a new clothing line


A simple arcade game with a post-apocalyptic, high-fashion aesthetic

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The collision of gaming and fashion continues to manifest in unexpected ways: the latest example is a web game to promote a collaboration between Gap, Balenciaga, and Ye.

The game, which launched at the same time as the in-store Yeezy Gap Balenciaga collection and its very expensive T-shirts, is a fairly straightforward mobile title with a high-fashion aesthetic. (You can play it in a browser right here, though it only works on mobile.) You start by creating an avatar, which involves selecting a gender, skin tone, and — obviously — picking from one of several vaguely post-apocalyptic-style outfits. From there, the game itself is basic if a little odd; your avatar soars through the sky, and you have to move your phone from side to side to collect birds, which somehow keep you afloat. It’s basically a score-chasing arcade game with some cool clothes.

It’s also part of a trend of fashion companies entering the worlds of gaming and the ill-defined metaverse. Balenciaga has been particularly active: the fashion house has partnered with Fortnite, made virtual clothes for Meta’s avatar store, and even crafted a standalone game to debut a new collection. Elsewhere, brands including Burberry, Gucci, and Longchamp have made similar moves.