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You can join Sony’s queue to buy a PS5 right now

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Sony keeps bringing the heat — and PS5s — for summer

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Update July 27th, 10:36AM ET: Sony has sold out of both the standard PS5 console and the Horizon Forbidden West bundle for the time being. We’ll update this post if Sony restocks either option.

While a PlayStation 5 is still not yet a thing you can find on every store shelf any day of the week, availability has certainly gotten better in recent weeks. Sony has been dropping public restocks with some velocity of late, and today is another chance. You can hop in a public queue on Sony’s site to virtually line up for a PS5 console right now.

The recent restocks have been fairly easy to score a console from, though you’ll still want to be attentive to your listed wait time until you hear the chime sound that signals it’s your turn. If you get through the queue, you may have a few options for PS5 consoles to pick between, including the regular $499 model that has a disc drive, the $399 Digital Edition that doesn’t, or the Horizon Forbidden West bundle of either model for an additional $50. If it’s the latter, you’ll get a digital download voucher for the open-world game at a slight discount compared to its usual price of $69.99 on PS5.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to refresh the page once you’re in line on Sony’s site. Just remember that you will be prompted to log into your PlayStation Network ID, so have your username and password at the ready. Best of luck, and feel free to share in the comments if you finally manage to land your console.

Some titles and peripherals to go with your new console

A new PS5 just comes with one controller and some cables, so here are some things we suggest to all new owners for you to ponder while you’re in the queue.