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Sony’s queue to buy a PS5 is open again (update: sold out)

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I hope you don’t mind a Horizon Forbidden West bundle

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Update July 27th, 8:20PM ET: Sony has sold out of both the standard PS5 console and the Horizon Forbidden West bundle, neither of which are currently available online at MSRP.

Does it feel like deja vu all over again? It should if you track console restocks at all. After yesterday’s public queue of a PlayStation 5 restock, Sony has another one today that’s just started. You can jump on in right here and try your luck at getting a PS5 — most likely in a bundle with Horizon Forbidden West for $549.99 for the regular PS5 with a disc drive or $449.99 for a Digital Edition.

If recent public queues from Sony are any indication, this one may last well over an hour now that it’s been pumping out more of these bundles. So if you’re jumping in late, be persistent. It’s not uncommon to see an estimated wait time on Sony’s site of more than an hour and yet possibly get in much sooner than that. Just be ready to log in to your PlayStation Network account, as the rules of one console per account still apply. Best of luck!

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